by Brian Krashpad


Before our signal had been interrupted

The television commentator’d said (what say?)

A wave of hatred had engulfed the nation

Ten thousand people had been left for dead



Cops & punks, & blacks & whites

Homeboys get too heavy

Their own people pay the price

Cops & punks, & blacks & whites

If we don’t get together

We can kiss this thing goodbye

Cops & punks, & blacks & whites


The anarchists, they took the TV station

Played “Sandinista!” videos day and night (night & day)

The suburbs’ battles raged on unabated

Fought by paramilitary factions on the left and right




In barrios, lowriders cruised through checkpoints

While downtown Uzis blazed and buildings burned (burn it down)

A DMZ may someday be established

Where Molotovs are thrown and cars are overturned